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About Us

We’re a team of expert compliance professionals,

passionate about what we do and dedicated to making your life easier.

Global risk and compliance specialists

GWCI has the expertise you need to properly explore the on-the-ground trading environment and to help you take proactive steps to protect your business in the best possible way.


GWCI specialises in the provision of risk and compliance services.

Wherever you or your partners and suppliers are operating around the world, you can rely on us to help you protect your brand and your business reputation at all times. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the same service as the top global consultancies, but with a smaller footprint – to give you far greater flexibility and agility.

The risk mitigation intelligence and advice we provide is designed to enhance your brand reputation just as much as to protect your business from imminent harm. In a world in which we see more and more unethical behaviour in businesses every day, taking a proactive approach to protecting your brand from association with uncertain or outright questionable business practices is becoming a key differentiator and an essential ingredient for sustainable success.

Whether we’re actively investigating a potential supplier’s codes of conduct and connections or helping you to mitigate business risk in an existing trading relationship, we’ll apply our many years of experience within the industry to provide bespoke support, advice and guidance to suit your specific needs.


GWCI has over 60 years’ combined experience in the field of risk and compliance.

With in-depth expertise within the industry, our work can involve input from various different disciplines – everything from compliance and law to analytical investigations and IT analysis.

We always advocate gaining risk intelligence on partners and suppliers as an essential commercial investment that invariably pays off. In our increasingly small, multi-cultural, ever-changing world, it can be easily justified as a necessary cost of doing business abroad. A sensible step to protect your business as it ventures into unknown territories and partnerships. 

After all, if you don’t really know the companies or people you’re trading with, you might be leaving yourself, your organisation and your stakeholders open to financial penalties that could total hundreds of millions of pounds, not to mention unsalvageable damage to your brand and even potential jail sentences. 

Warren Buffett famously said that a business’s reputation takes twenty years to build but five minutes to ruin. How are you protecting your people and international business activities?


Our team of investigators are drawn from the highest calibre of professionals.

We’re a tight-knit team of friendly experts – always on hand to provide the advice or insights you need. 

Whatever your requirements, wherever in the world you need help or support and whenever you need it, you can call on our experience and expertise 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Because when it comes to business, we know that reputation is everything.

To be able to provide a bespoke service for you, we work with investigators from a number of different backgrounds, including legal, financial and industrial experts. We’ve also recruited talented boots-on-the-ground individuals, who bring their own specialist skills and insights to our work, including journalists, linguists and financial crime specialists. 

It means we’re able to offer a highly responsive, very thorough, efficient and effective service – wherever in the world your investigation is conducted. You’ll receive a timely and professional report, managed by a dedicated account manager to ensure consistency and the highest quality content. Delivered in an impressive turnaround time, it will be written in Plain language, with clear and simple recommendations throughout.

Once you’ve received your initial report, we’ll be happy to continue to work with you as your trusted partner, continuing to help you collate, assess and monitor risk and compliance intelligence about ongoing factors and circumstances that could have an adverse impact on your business and brand.
  • Graham Welland - CEO
  • Simon Dexter-Jones - Head of Global Sales
Graham Welland
With more than 30 years of working with regulators and auditors in tightly regulated industries, Graham has seen first-hand the hugely negative impact on costs and reputation that an ill-considered approach to risk management can cause. In particular, the biggest culprits are:

Poorly understood supply chains and contracted labour in international trading arrangements;

Failure to set the right regulatory framework and embed it into your day-to-day operations and the psyche of your business;

Underestimating the importance of recruiting the right people into your business.

He says: “Get any of these elements wrong and the risk to your business rises significantly.”
Simon Dexter
Simon has a wealth of experience of overseas trading, gained through many years’ working in the international business environment. He has visited – and, in many cases, lived in – more than 45 countries worldwide and has an enviable track record of achieving successful sales in many different sectors.
Simon is driven by a desire to help businesses achieve their goals by working with them to achieve sustainable, profitable sales overseas. However, he is all too aware of the need to be vigilant about third-party supply chains and the advantages of having full knowledge of your overseas customers.
He advises: “In today’s ever-changing world, managing potential business risk has never been more relevant.”

Invaluable Insight & Intelligence

Reap the rewards of proative protection from a trusted business risk partner

> Discrete service – tailored to your specific business needs.
> High-quality reports – with clear and simple recommendations.
> On-the-ground intelligence – dedicated analysts and interpreters worldwide.
> Global reach – reports covering 30 different countries over past 12 months.


  • Alan Vincett of Oceanteam

    "a hands on professional team who have worked closely with us to understand the risks of trading globally, developing a compliance framework with continuous monitoring to keep us on track"
  • Gustavo Bergamasco of Contracta UK

    "Contracta UK is using the services provided by GWCI as part of the mandatory due diligence performed on all its supplier onboarding processes where the internal compliance teams feel the need to cross check reputational references with technical references. GWCI provides reports that help our decision making and consequently mitigates risk"

A Snapshot of Some of Our Clients

  • Innovate UK De Montfort University Leicester AL Fluidrock Governance Group Institute of Export and International Trade
  • SITA Marriott Contracta The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Baker McKenzie